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Poland Swim Club 2014 Newsletter2014 Newsletter

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Summer can't come soon enough!

Agree? Welcome back for the 2014 season. Sun and fun are around the corner and I know we all are anxiously waiting for the season to begin.

The board has been working hard to ensure a great start this season. I would personally like to thank all the members for their work ethic and professionalism in helping me get acclimated.

The board and I would like to thank last year’s president Sam Landry for his devotion to the swim club through a very trying time period. We have a couple of new members on the Board this year, We welcome John Stride, Vice President-Pool and Grounds, Mary Kushner, Vice-President-Personnel position, Krissy Rotunno, who will head the Policy position, and Chip Comstock, legal counsel.

Our staff is back with the addition of an old friend. Chip Fernandino will step into the maintenance position. His job will be to keep the club looking in tip-top shape. Joe Paris is back as the pool manager, with Jake Corbett and Jeff Graham as assistant managers. Our lifeguards return with plenty of experience and are the best in the area.

We will have a new starting time this year for the baby pool. This was a suggestion from some members who have small children. The new times to accommodate these families will be 10 a.m. weekdays. The main pool will continue to open after swim practice at noon. Also along those lines, we will bring back the suggestion box at the front desk. This will be for adult members only and will require your membership number and a phone number. All will be answered, perhaps not as you expect in all cases, but we are seeking your input.

Last summer a lot of club members expressed their desire to help with the beautification of the club. You said you would paint, trim, or do anything that we need to get us looking better. I thank you for your pledge and we will now take you up on those offers. During the month of May (3rd, 10th, and 17th) we will have club clean-up days. Contact a board member to be on their "team", or just show up on any or all of those days . Please bring clippers, rakes, gloves, shovels , trimmers and any other gardening equipment that can be used. We will begin at 9:00 and work until noon. Let's make this a good way to show ownership of the club and to show a camaraderie with each other.

We have our swim and tennis programs getting ready for their season. The swim team will have Coach Kendra Paul back along with her assistants Kelli Hunter and Kristen Kuntzman. A proof of their hard work was the success of the area high school swimmers that were well represented at the regional and state level this past winter.

Our tennis team will have a new head coach this year as we welcome Coach Noah Weiss. Some of you may remember his older brother Dave who was our tennis coach a number of years ago.
We hope that our members take advantage of the opportunities that we have to be a part of a team, get great exercise and have fun.

Speaking of FUN. We have a lot of that in mind for this summer, both for children and adults. On the schedule this year are our Family Fun Night (maybe two nights!), Club Camp¬Out, Golf Outing and Rib Dinner, Family Fun Day, and whatever else we can do to enjoy our facility! There will be a poster at the club for dates and times for these events.

How about that wine taste? What a great time and what a great success! More than $7,000 was raised for improvements to the Club. If anyone has suggestions for the use of the money, send me an email. Thanks to the outstanding committee that made it happen: Chris Eich, Kim Brandt, Jacey Henderson, Stephanie Hann, Beth Bodine, and Tammy Sabrin. Who is on next year’s committee!?

As you  can see, our goal is to have fun again this year. Make the club a stress-free zone. Everyone is there to relax and to enjoy themselves.Sounds good doesn't it?
Jim Mullally, President


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